The Sunday Series

The Sunday Series.

-Take five with me

Firstly, happy new year (even though we are at the end of January and still not sure if happy is the right word).

There’s no denying that it’s been a tough year, and there’s still a lot of uncertainty ahead of us. The global pandemic has caused me to think and reflect even more so than usual. While my usual go-to has always been to pen my thoughts on here, my little blog feels a little neglected (yet again). However, on the flip side, the notes on my phone are overflowing with thoughts and ideas that have spurred me on to start a new blog series, ” The Sunday Series”. Inspired by my Sunday morning coffee when I do most of my thinking ), The Sunday Series will be a collection of blogs surrounding wellbeing, mindset, resilience, and generally just a candid conversation on some of my struggles.

Every Sunday morning, I’ll be uploading a new blog, starting this weekend. For you to enjoy your Sunday Coffee moment, and take five with me. 



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