‘Old habits die hard’. How to deconstruct bad habits.

We are creatures of habit, and our brains love it. Why? Because it takes the guess work out of what we are doing. So, when we try to change and our brains have got to do a little more thinking (even if it is for the good), we can find it hard. People tend to talk about how to build new habits but I want to talk about the importance of deconstructing an old (usually bad) one.  

The Sunday Series: Fear VS failure – Are we subconsciously sabotaging our chances of success?

I've come to realise, we aren't born with a fear of failure we learn it and that's a good thing. Why? Because if we can learn it, it means we can 'unlearn' it and replace it with habits and belief systems that are more productive for us. All of our experiences shape how we respond to life but that doesn't mean they determine it.

The Sunday Series: Resilience VS Resistance- It’s all about the comeback

I've become fascinated with resilience ever since I lost my dad to suicide five years ago. Before then, I always admired those who'd gone through tragedies and could remain optimistic and hopeful. I'd ask myself how do they do that? It was only when I was thrown into my own life-changing event that I learned the true importance of resilience and how to build it.

The Sunday Series: Purpose VS Comparison- The importance of finding your WHY

Someone will always seem more successful or happier if you haven’t defined what those things look like for you. When you know what brings you joy you’re less likely to waste time seeking out things that seem to bring it to others. Goalposts will always shifts if you’re not the one setting them.

The Sunday Series : Who you are VS the hats you wear

From the day you're born you start to acquire different hats. From a son or a daughter to a brother or sister to a friend, colleague, parent, the list goes on. And that is just the tip of the iceberg. The range of hats we wear throughout our lives is unique to us. However, one…