About Me

I’m Laura, 28, living in the beautiful Scottish Highlands. 5 years ago I created this little space Life with Laura. My passion for wellness, cultivating resilience and harnessing your unique strengths has lead me to become a coach.

Resilience & Mindset Coaching. Blogger, well-being advocate,

I’m Laura, a well being advocate, Bsc (Hons) Psychology graduate and mindset and resilience coach. I’ve spent most of my life people pleasing and doing the ‘right’ thing, especially when it came to what’s expected of me. I would then wonder why I never seemed to be achieving milestones that actually made me happy or feel fulfilled.

When I lost my dad very suddenly 5 years ago, my entire world snapped into focus. I came to realise that I’d been living in what is called ‘Arrival Fallacy’ – the idea that when I get somewhere I’ll be happy. We’ve all experienced these thoughts, “when I get the new house, I’ll be happy”. “When I get the car, I’ll be happy”. “When I lose this amount of weight, I’ll be happy”. And was I ever happy when I got there? NO because I was chasing definitions of success and goals that weren’t even what I wanted deep down. I felt stuck on a treadmill that was going nowhere, and I was desperate to step off. I just needed someone to just help me push pause.

Not only this but I was a prime candidate for burnout. Something that is becoming far too common in my honest opinion. My all or nothing approach, 0 to 100 mph was doing nothing for my health, mindset and over all wellbeing. Something needed to change. Enough was enough, and I decided to dig deep and find a deeper meaning and purpose. Step away from a life I’d been living to please others, and live one in line with my core values and purpose.

So where does this bring me to? I have first hand seen and experienced the benefits and changes coaching can bring into someone’s life. My passion for harnessing mindset, building resilience and living a fulfilling life have all contributed to why I’ve taken the leap into coaching. There only thing between you living a life you love, and utilising your full potential is you.