UK’s Little Treasures (and a place close to my heart)


Whether your from England or not, there is a time in all of our lives where we wish to explore the rest of the world. Sometimes we feel that the beauty in whats around us suddenly becomes not enough or maybe we just become so accustomed to it that we no longer see it for what others across the world may see it for. So I want to explore my country and so i’ve decided to start exploring some of the UK’s little treasures, with the mindset of appreciating whats right in front of me.

First on the list was Westonbirt Aboretum in Gloucestershire. With 2500 different species of trees from across the world, i’d say it’s pretty much the UK’s real life version of Narnia.



Even if you’re not into walking, you can walk round the park in no more than 30 minutes or if you are a walker then there are various routes which can take up to an hour or longer. For me it was just nice to get out and see some good old english heritage and it was fairly impressive to see some of the largest trees in England.




England’s version of the Newyork Skyline- TreeTop Walkway

Another pretty special reason for visiting here is it was one of my dads favourite places. My dad passed away earlier this year and for me I find comfort in visiting places that he enjoyed because for me its like I can re live out his experiences.

Trees are not a major passion of mine just a FYI but getting out and appreciating whats on your doorstop is and this place was pretty beautiful.






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